Examples of Our Roots Meeting Our Past and Present & Foreshadowing Our Future: Literature

The idea of companionship and community are woven in literature as well. George and Lennie are like us and the “marginalized other.” We are walking with our Lennie and giving the crucial sense of being safe and loved. This story is a metaphor of what human companionship means. The first quotation if form the mouth of Lennie, a simple man whom George watched over sharing a strong and enduring sense of companionship. Lennie reminds George that “guys like us” will tolerate even imprisonment because they have each other. The two of them have developed a deep memory over time that they are connected in a companionship-based relationship and that will get them through tough times, no matter what.

The second quotation is from the end of the same story when George shoots Lennie out of a deep need to protect him to stop an angry mob from hanging him after he had accidently killed the farmer’s wife. This shooting, as horrible as it is, was also a sign of their love that allowed Lennie to die with their memory of the hereafter as a place of beauty. They shared this final memory over the years and its meaning was clear to Lennie, “…We’re gonna have a cow and some pigs, and we’re gonna have, maybe-maybe a chicken…” Our relations have to be based on tremendously good memories that have powerful meanings.


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